The Senate control has been resolved, but the House is still up in the air.

Monday morning’s uncalled races included 19 in the western states, where Democrats hope to win Republican-held seats. Not all of these races are squeakers, though; some of them clearly favor one party but haven’t been called yet simply because not enough votes have been counted.

Here’s a closer look at some of the most competitive districts — the ones that are likeliest to decide control of the House.

  • Arizona: The races in Arizona’s First District (where Democrats are hoping to unseat Representative David Schweikert) and Sixth District (an open seat featuring Juan Ciscomani, a Republican, and Kirsten Engel, a Democrat) are both within a single percentage point.

  • California: In a handful California seats, Democrats are likely to defeat Republican incumbents such as Representative David Valadao and Ken Calvert. The race for a vacant seat in the 13th District is very close.

  • Colorado: The Democrats have a slim chance of flipping a seat in Third District. Their candidate, Adam Frisch trails Lauren Boebert by just over 1,000 votes. However, he could win if he gets strong ballots from military personnel, American citizens abroad, and voters who are not American citizens. “cure” Rejected ballots

  • Oregon: The Sixth District is still in a tight race between Andrea Salinas, a Democrat and Mike Erickson.