A long list of acting credits is available. Chris Evans He has had his fair share of ex-girlfriends. The 41-year-old actor — who was crowned this year’s People’s Sexiest Man Alive — has a long history of dating fellow stars that goes back to 2001, when he and Jessica Biel became a couple. They collaborated on movies like “London” And “Cellular” While they were still together, Biel ended their relationship in 2006. Biel isn’t the only famous woman Evans This has dated.

Evans There have been a handful of stable relationships. He is also romantically connected to many Hollywood stars like Emmy Rossum, Christina Ricci, Lily James. From 2007, he began an off-again, on-again relationship to Minka Kelly, until around 2015 when they were spotted together during Labor Day weekend. Evans Also available in a dated version “Emily in Paris” Lily Collins is his star, whom he began seeing shortly afterwards they met at Vanity Fair’s 2015 Oscars party. Us Weekly It was reported that they were in a relationship at the time.

It is easy to believe that Evans It is quite popular among the women. Even Lizzo tried to take a photo of the actor last year by sliding into his Instagram DMs. Although their messages didn’t spark a relationship, they did form a friendship. Evans Flirting back with the singer

At the moment, it appears that Alba Baptista is being romantically involved with the actor. Their relationship is heating up. Here’s every famous female Evans over the years.