Christopher Darnell Jones Jr., a University of Virginia student, was taken into custody Monday. He is accused of killing three of his classmates and injuring two more.

The three victims — Devin Chandler of Virginia Beach, Lavel “Tyler” Davis of South Carolina and D’Sean Perry of Miami — were all football players.

Police arrested Jones following a 12-hour-long manhunt. He was charged with three counts second-degree killing and three counts using a firearm to commit a crime.

Here’s what we know about Jones and his motive for the fatal attack:

His history

Christopher Darnell Jones Jr.

Jones, 22 years old, was born in Virginia. According to the Associated Press, Jones’ hometown is Petersburg, which is a small town about 20 miles south from Richmond. Virginia Sports.

He also spent time at Henrico in Richmond, where he played for the football team three years at Varina High School.

The website reported that he was honored with honorable mention in the conference his freshman year, and second-team recognitions the next two years.

Jones was a star student. Varina named Jones Student of the Year in his freshman year and sophomore year. He was a member and president of both the Key Club as well as the Jobs for Virginia Grads Program.

Virginia Sports stated that he spent his senior year at Petersburg High School as a linebacker and running back.

His family

According to Virginia Sports Jones is the son Margo Jones and Christopher Jones Sr.

Three siblings are his: Eliza Darrius, Varian and Darrius.

According to records, his mother is Henrico resident while his father is Richmond.

Monday’s initial attempts by The Post to reach his loved ones were unsuccessful.

Photo of the crime scene where 3 people were killed and 2 others wounded
The crime scene, where three people were shot and two were injured.
Getty Images
Photo of law enforcement personnel moving through the crime scene
Police officers move around the crime scene.
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His football career

Virginia Sports reports Jones was a non-playing member of UVA’s football team in 2018.

He was not currently a member of the team and hadn’t been for “over a year,” According to school officials.

According to police, all three victims of the attack were footballers. But no motive has yet been established.

Officials at the university confirmed that Jones was involved in a hazing incident on February 20, 2021. They did not offer further details.