Grant Wahl, sports journalist who It collapsed suddenly died covering The World Cup Friday was He is one of the most prominent soccer writers in the US, with a large following via his Substack blog.

Wahl, a Kansas native, attended Princeton University and after graduating made a name for himself as an esteemed Sports Illustrated reporter — where his focus was covering soccer.

He was After 25 years, Sports Illustrated was fired in April 2020 for complaining on social media regarding coronavirus-related salary cuts. Wahl created Substack the next month.

Wahl’s last post on his “Fútbol with Grant Wahl” Substack was It is a free article that you can read at your leisure. was Non-paying subscribers have access to the following: was Publication just hours before his passing was announced. The accredited writer detailed His thoughts about the “unstoppable” And “legendary” Croatian team

Wahl graduated from Princeton University and spent 25 years at Sports Illustrated.

Wahl giving an interview.
Wahl is also the author two books.

Wahl was also the author of two books: The Beckham Experiment (2009, Masters of Modern Soccer (2018)).

“Grant made soccer his life’s work and we are devastated that he and his brilliant writing will no longer be with us,” US Soccer said In a statement

It is not clear what caused Wahl’s death.

He had collapsed in the media tribune at Lusail Iconic Stadium during extra time of Argentina’s quarterfinal win over the Netherlands in front of horrified US media colleagues.

Walh giving an interview on CNN.
The cause of Wahl’s death is still not known.

Wahl offered assistance to the other reporters. was The patient was taken to the hospital and later declared dead.

Wahl’s brother Eric believes foul play is involved. Wahl was taken into custody Qatar Eric claims that his brother was threatened with death after Eric wore a shirt featuring a rainbow on the stadium officials’ last week.

Celine Grounder, Wahl’s wife, has passed away. who She said that she is “in complete shock” over her husband’s death.