0042r The Cast of the National Tour of A Soldiers Play photo by Joan Marcus

A Soldier’s Play, Now gracing the Forrest Theatre The stage is truly a feast! the senses.

It is an intriguing whodunit murder mystery thriller that will keep you guessing. the The culprit will not be revealed until the It’s the end.

Set on a Louisiana Army base, with an all-male cast— a rarity in today’s theater— the The play has a focus on racial relations and conversation. the military. 

A Soldier’s Play The Shubert Organization is presenting a two week engagement at Forrest Theatre, February 5, through February 5, 2016. the Kimmel Cultural Centre. 

The play was produced as a film adaptation– A Soldier’s Story— in 1984.  Fuller’s screenplay was used in the film. Denzel Washington Samuel L. Jackson and David Alan Grier. Broadway star Grier and TV/Film actor Samuel L. Jackson starred in the Broadway revival. Blair Underwood.

Emmy & Tony winner Norm Lewis, along with Broadway, TV & film star Eugene LeeAlso starred in: the Charles Fuller was the original Off-Broadway playwright and they worked together on this 1981 production. Interviews are possible on a restricted basis.

The riveting drama is quite popular. the It won the pedigree the 2020 Tony Award For Best Revival of You can find more information at Play; the Original 1981 Off Broadway production the 1982 Pulitzer Prize for drama.

 Placed on an installation of the U.S. Army the segregation-era South, the Play is an adaptation of the original. of Herman Melville’s novella Billy Budd and follows the murder investigation of the Sergeant with an all-black unit. A murder mystery is used in the play. to Explore the Complex feelings of Anger and hostility that African Americans feel toward each other is a common trait. the Many black Americans are now able to absorb white racism in many ways.

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Malik Children

Malik Childs Who is a player the Role of Pvt. Tony Smalls (in the The current tour includes a native of Detroit, graduated from the UNC School of the 2019 Arts Recent productions by him include The exception to the The Rule Dave Harris, Roundabout Theater Company These are the other items. Soft Donja R. LOVE (Williamstown Theater Festival).

“I am overjoyed to tell stories that celebrate, dismantle, and uplift the people of my community,” Childs explains. “In honor of playwright Charles Fuller, I am excited to share this staple around the country.”

This play is what you most love.

 Malik ChildrenIt is universal and I love it. It’s for everybody; every creed. It is the best production I have ever seen. This production is my favorite. the Opportunity to Eugene Lee, who was in the Original production the 80s. A play such as this can offer a sense of brotherhood and a powerful message. the This play can bring out the best in an audience.

How do you define it? the message?

 It would be a great idea. the message lies at the Root of Humanity and society. What we have created. Unfortunately, race was a major factor in how and where. the We can all be affected by elements the Weg to Our Army. We seek to find deep humanity.

What was your secret to finding your way? to Your character Tony Smalls Private?

It’s the most effective way to You could find him by researching what it looked like to Register or be drafted the 1940s. This was a very difficult time. I feel great empathy for the people who gave their lives to protect this country. It is all that he has. the U.S. Army, or nothing. He doesn’t have a family to go back to. Charles Fuller did not mention any of them. So, my character doesn’t have much to go back to It all boils down to this: to the All-or-nothing is his motto. the Army.

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Members of the You can cast your vote the Tour of the country of A Soldier’s Play

Which research were you able to conduct in order to fill this position?

Did some reading. Also, saw clippings. of the From then on, war was a constant. Their routes through Germany to take. All of us watched the Broadway Productions Starting in 2019 Blair Underwood And David Alan Greer to get into the Core of the Story that we tell

Being on tour can make it difficult. the You’ve been on the road so much. Do you remember a time when this was your first tour?

This is not my first tour. On November 14th, rehearsals began in New York. the Tour in Connecticut from mid-December

What is it? the tour going?

It’s going well We were in Charlotte, N.C. for two weeks and then heading over to Philadelphia.

Did you know? to Philly, before?

I’ve been there once or twice to I went to see my friend, and to a sporting event. Ich ging to See also: the The Warriors, the 76ers and me were both excited to Take a peek of the city. There are a couple of friends I know there, and they want me to go. to See also: the When I’m in town, The Magic is played by the 76ers

Are you also looking ahead? to What do you need to know when you get here?

Great food. A good park is something I love, and they are only a few minutes away. the hotel. Hotel. to Find a local mom-and–pop coffee shop instead to chain stores. The hole-in-the-wall stores are what I seek.theIf you have the time, you can visit a wall-based place. It is great that I will stay in 2 for 2 weeks, as it gives me some time. to Check out these other options of the Seems and sounds of the city.

0039r Eugene Lee center and the Cast of the National Tour of A Soldiers Play photo by Joan Marcus
A Scene taken from A Soldier’s PlayThe current tour is by.

According to some people, cast mates can become close friends on tour. This is true, or not?

Yes. Already, I have made many close friendships. All you have to do is start. the Trust we placed in our abilities to Find in the room during the Two weeks of Rehearsal, and completely revealing who you are.  Broadway Production lasted for six weeks of We only had two rehearsals so it was very fast.

the In the first cities we were able to have a basketball team. of Feel good while you wait to We know each other. Together, we have been everywhere. to the gym or the This cemented our chemistry off. the stage. This is the stage.

Translate to We need one another! to Keep your eyes open to Receive one another. It’s also a blessing to Living in the We can form friendships in the same hotel, but we each have our own room. We are certain that we will be together. the You can drive for 6 months on the road and still have quite a bit of money. of Time to Deepen your relationships both online and offline the stage.

0026r William Connell as Captain Charles Taylor and Norm Lewis as Captain Richard Davenport in the National Tour of A Soldiers Play photo by Joan Marcus
William Connell, Norm Lewis the Tour of the country of A Soldier’s Play

Why Are you or your castmates looking for readers? to Come to See this production?

It’s a wonderful representation of American history. Top of This is the type of thing. of The murder mystery element to it. They are our desire to Come to Always be prepared to Receive a story. Everyone You can have it to This is how you can get it. This show is either for the following group, or this group. of people. You can have it for everybody, I guarantee. It will be possible to see you and others in a different capacity.

Future – definitely not going to It is best to rule out Broadway. That play is a must-see. to me. It is all I desire. to Do work that you love to inspire change. To do original work. Are you sure? to Explore more film and TV. A TV credits. – the Good things are happening to Please come as they are, I’m looking forward to it. This is not just a desire to see a film or show, but a need. to Find a connection with me and my community of People are also important

A Soldier’s Play Is in Philadelphia at the Forrest Theatre will present a 2-week engagement from February 5 through February 5. the Kimmel Cultural Centre. 

To purchase a ticket Visit www.212-239-6200. www.telecharge.comAlso available in person the Box office for Forrest Theatre located at 1114 Walnut Street in Phiadelphia. 

Tour information: asoldiersplaytour.com