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Teresa Giudice Resolved her months-long separation from her brother Joe Gorga sister-in law Melissa Gorga Friday, during an appearance

Before sharing the best parts of her marriage to Luis RuelasReacting to Kelly Ripa‘s impersonation of her wedding look, and sharing parenting tips for Rihanna, Teresa explained why it’s so hard to move forward from their family feud and teased the upcoming 13th season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

“I’m really big on loyalty and respect, and I feel like when you cross that line, it’s hard to come back from that, especially when it’s done on national TV,” Teresa explained this on the November 18, episode of E! News. “I have friends that would never do some of the stuff that my family’s done to me. When it’s family, it just hurts deeper. It’s painful.”

Although Teresa had a disagreement with Joe and Melissa in the past, before her August 6th wedding with Luis she has two new sisters, with whom she is great friends.

“Veronica officiated our wedding, so I can’t wait for you guys to see her at the wedding special and she was a little bit also on [RHONJ], and Jennifer is my other sister-in-law. She’s a little bit more shy but I love them dearly both,” Teresa stated. “I don’t have my parents anymore, and they’re so great to me.”

After a heated argument with the Gorgas while filming the season 13 finale, Teresa said that the episodes in the future were being filmed. “hard” to film.

“It was a very hard season for me,” She agreed. “When you watch this season, I think it’s gonna say it all.”

Teresa might not have had the best time filming RHONJ‘s upcoming season, but she’Fans are excited to See her special wedding.

“I always like to be unique and different out of the box,” Teresa spoke of her big day. “Luis was into it with me, and that’s what I love because my first wedding, [Joe Giudice] was so not into it. We picked everything together, so that was the fun part.”

Teresa, after months of marriage, said that being married was the best thing. to Luis is “waking up with him every morning, spending every day with him… and just [cuddling], and of course other things, too.”

“I just love his energy. We both rub off on each other. His ex-wfe said the same thing, that we’re so much alike, and even my children say that,” She continued.

Kelly also said that during the interview “looked so good” And “like she could be [her] sister” Look on when she impersonated her wedding Live! Kelly and RyanTeresa gave some tips to Rihanna previously stated she wanted to marry the man she loves. to Be the mother Teresa you are to She had four children.

“You’re an amazing mom already,” Teresa said it to the singer. “It just comes so natural and easy. Just keep doing what you’re doing and just adore your baby every day. Take lots of pictures. Love love love you, and my first dance for Dancing With the Stars, I made sure I picked a Rihanna song.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 13 is anticipated to Bravo will premiere the series sometime in 2023.