Grace Gannon and Mike St. George

If Grace Gannon In what she describes as a Lacrosse Tournament, her anterior cruciate (ACL) ligament was torn. “crazy freak injury,” the Sommer of 2022, the A high school student who is disciplined says that she was shocked.

GraceAt 18 years old, he is now a senior at Central Bucks South. He has enjoyed playing many sports, starting with field hockey, Lacrosse and basketball. You can also learn more about Lacrosse, as well as how to play it in second grade.

Prior to her injury, as high school freshman she attended FitLife in Ivyland for routine workouts. She also saw people there. with Accidents to the ACL are being treated. Since IvyRehab Physical Therapy is It can be found in the Similar building Gannon Was familiar with the Bossing PT practice.

“Obviously, I wanted the best possible physical therapy after my surgery. I had already committed to play at a division One college, the University of Richmond, and wanted to be 100 percent for my freshman year,” Grace Recent explanation. The college she plans on majoring in is business.

“After Observe IvyRehab Director of the Clinic Mike St. George PT, DPT work with Other clients, I believed there was no other option for me rehabilitation. Now that I’m almost ready to play Lacrosse again I realize that I was correct in putting my trust in him.

Michael St
Mike St. George is the clinical director of IvyRehab Warminster Physical Therapy

What Grace She says that she was in St. George IvyRehab PT It was consistency and an unmatched work ethic. And a passion to assist others. “Mike is always so invested in every athlete, and every client, and it was so clear he not only cared about their actual athletic performance but also about them as people,” Grace said.

“I would see people transition away from him and into the next stage of rehab with a different trainer at the gym and he was still devoted to their recovery,” Sie said that “and always interested in making sure that they were doing well.”

You must first arrive at IvyRehab Please see the following: PT, Grace She said that she was going. “to a chain place,” When she was 8Th Grade, the It was amazing to see the difference.

She went through what she did the Other places “was super basic workouts. I would be sitting there next to someone who had a completely different injury, from a different age and gender, and we were doing nearly the same exact workouts. It was pretty discouraging going there and I would always be super confused about why I was doing what I was doing and what it was going to do for me.”

Contrary to this, work with St. George, “I had sessions that were super specific to my injury and what I needed to achieve my goals.,” Grace said. “It was clear from the first moment I started PT that Mike cares so much about all of his patients.”

What did you do? Gannon Learn from St. George “Obviously, I learned proper squat form and all that basic stuff, but I also learned the importance of consistency and hard work,” She explained. “As Mike made very clear to me from the beginning, if I wanted to have the best recovery possible, I would need to have those values.”

She added that St. George is her patron saint. “helped me learn to trust myself because there are definitely times when I did not while learning a new movement.”

An example is After surgery, learn how to leap again. “Initially, I was too scared to try it, Mike pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me do it, and I felt the sweet success.”

Eight months of “sitting on the sidelines,” Gannon It was difficult to say, especially as one. of Three captains of She is proud of her team. She was a strong leader. is She is also willing to cheer for the team until she can play. This could be as soon as May or as long as a year after her surgery.

Grace Gannon and her parents
Grace Gannon Terence, Jody, and their supportive parents Terence

High school athletics, she values the Jody, Terence and Terence supported her. Gannon. “To get recruited by a college team I had to drive almost an hour each way to practice for a coach and a team that would be able to get me there. So, my parents did those two-hour trips for nearly three years to help me get where I am. After my injury, they were super reassuring and helped me find the best surgeon and PT. I am so grateful for that.”

“I would recommend Mike at IvyRehab PT because he really cares about all of his patients, he wants the best for everyone, and is so devoted to what he does,” She said. “I admire that he does so much beyond typical PT when it comes to injury prevention, nutrition, sleep, and more. To him, it’s about so much more than just those hour sessions.”

Patients should ask: PT Be looking for the following in a provider/practice? “You should look for someone who really cares about you as a person and is willing to take the time to get to know you as more than just the patient in their facility,” Gannon said.

 “Look for someone who cares about their craft and puts in a great deal of work outside of just when they’re working with a patient to make sure that they provide the best possible care.”

Her sights are set on Lacrosse the University of Richmond and her complete recovery from her torn anterior cruciate ligament Gannon “She said “would just love to mentally be completely back to where I was before an injury, to continue to grind and work hard, and to implement all of the physical and mental lessons I’ve learned to help me throughout my college career.”

Grace Gannon in action
Grace Gannon On the Lacrosse field

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