DALLAS: Winter weather Ice to Texas Tuesday in the United States and other nearby states, leading to cancellations and delays of over 980 flights to There are nearly 800 more.
There were many auto collisions reported in Austin, TexasAt least one person dies according to to Austin Fire Department.
There are more than 500 flights to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Dallas-Fort Worth and almost 125 other airports to According to the Dallas Love Field, or were delayed or canceled Tuesday to The tracking service FlightAware.
FlightAware reports that Southwest Airlines, based in Dallas, has cancelled more than 300 flights and deferred nearly 100 others.
As part of an anticipated storm, the storm started Monday “several rounds” All-Winter wintry showers through Wednesday TexasAccording to?, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Tennessee to National Weather Service meteorologist Marc Chenard.
“Generally light to moderate freezing rain resulting in some pretty significant ice amounts,” Chenard said.
“We’re expecting ice accumulations potentially a quarter inch or higher as far south as Austin, Texas, up to Dallas over to Little Rock, Arkansas, towards Memphis, Tennessee, and even getting close to Nashville, Tennessee,” According to Chenard.
Southwest’s meltdown is the cause of flight disruptions in Although December began in the midst of a severe winter storm, it continued even after all other airlines were safe. Southwest cancelled approximately 16,700 flights in the last 10 days, with the U.S. Transportation Department investigating.
The weather Service has issued a warning about a major winter storm for large areas of Texas Parts of the southeast Oklahoma, and an icestorm warning in the middle of Arkansas and western Tennessee.
Winter weather advisory in Place in Much of Arkansas and Tennessee are now gone.
Schools and colleges in TexasPlans for Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas to Close or go to Virtual learning Tuesday