Brazil South American champion arrives Japan, China And South Korea have long histories of achievement in Asia — though only the Japanese have lifted the World Cup — and will be closer to Home is more important than ever. AustraliaIt was recently announced its intentions by Sam Kerr (high-scoring forward), to Warm-up match against Spain: Challenge

Other teams arrive with big stars but longer odds — Denmark (Pernille Harder), Norway (Ada Hegerberg) and Jamaica (Bunny Shaw) — and seven countries are just thrilled, for now, to not coming: Haiti, Morocco and the Philippines have all qualified for their first World Cup.

The U.S. remains the reigning champion. Its program in the group stage features a familiar face (the Netherlands), as well as two mystery marks (Vietnam or Portugal). Only the top two teams in each group will be allowed to advance. to The round of 16.

The Americans’ three games in the group stage:

Vietnam, Auckland at 1 p.m. Friday night in New York.

Netherlands at Wellington July 27th, 1 p.m.

Portugal at Auckland on Aug. 1st, 7 PM (Monday night in New York).

This depends. The United States women, after years of tense negotiations, public battles, stinging insults and court filings, emerged with an equal pay deal that has made them one of the best-paid national teams — men or women — in the world.

Similar progress has not been made in other countries, even large ones. While many have heralded new contracts guaranteeing equal rates of pay for matches, women’s soccer teams still lag far behind their men’s counterparts when it comes to Staffing, prize money and other matters.

Canada leads in the battle for equal pay. Canada was briefly on strike before playing against the United States. to They should continue to press for fair treatment and better wages through actions in the future and protests.