As Argentina’s national soccer team touched down in Buenos Aires on Tuesday after winning the World CupMillions of Argentines flocked to Argentina. to Salute the players. Their homecoming was declared by the government a National holiday and team started a A 50-mile parade of glory through the Capital

They toured the city in an open-top bus with security guards. Players were seen playing drums and drinking viajeros. a Local drink that combines Coca-Cola and Fernet (an Italian spirit) a Cutoff bottle. Many Argentines have been turned out to We welcome you, the team. to Local media reports that the parade was stopped because streets were crowded. Some spectators threw themselves from bridges to You can try to Get into the bus with the players and one fan died. a Monument downtown at celebrations on Sunday night.

Team members flew in helicopters across the city to end their tour. Celebrations continued every Sunday since then. Argentina It won the third World Cup title. Night of victory. a One million people marched through Avenida9 de Julio to set off fireworks and chant songs.

Here are scenes from what may be the biggest open-air party in Buenos Aires’s history.

— Ana Lankes

Lionel Messi, his team and their teammates rode an open top bus towards the Obelisk. At every turn they were surrounded with thousands of supporters.

Millions upon millions of fans have paralysed Buenos Aires forcing many changes to the parade route and the team’s eventual abandonment of it.

While the National Team members were holding the trophy one at a time, they also sang, danced, and waved flags during the parade.

Millions celebrate in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Argentina’s national team delivered the country’s third World Cup victory.

Leandro Paredes was the World Cup As he held his trophy, he joined with his fellow teammates to sing along the parade route.

The Obelisk in the middle of Buenos Aires that commemorates the city’s founding was packed with people. to Take the following steps: a last-minute change.

The Obelisk was a popular spot for fans to climb onto anything that would hold them. This included street lamps, awnings over bus stops and even street lamps.

Lionel Messi, his team and their teammates sat on the back of a bus as they began the journey to the Ezeiza training centre. to Just before noon Tuesday in Buenos Aires

Often accompanied by drums and trumpets. Argentina Since Sunday’s final match, supporters were singing along.

In the Capital, images of Messi and the legendary Argentine football player Diego Maradona could be seen.

Nearly from the start, the caravan made its way through densely packed crowds slowly. Local media estimated at least four million people filled the streets celebrating the team’s victory.

They were overwhelmed and forced to leave. to Players were instead taken to helicopters and rerouted from the parade route. to Fly above the Obelisk

Messi held the trophy and led his team to Ezeiza International Airport. a They were greeted by a large crowd of supporters

The team’s bus drove from The airport to the Argentina Football Association’s training center in Ezeiza, in Buenos Aires province.

Fans young and old sang in the streets before, during and after seeing the players’ bus drive by.

Crowds and flags were waved Argentina’s national team sang, as the truck carrying the team wended its way slowly in the parade.

Lionel Messi, Rodrigo De Paul, Leandro Paredes, Lautaro Martínez and Julián Álvarez were among the players seen singing from the open-top bus that transported them to The training center.

The base was cheered by fans to The Obelisk’s peak in Buenos Aires.

The team’s official parade began in earnest on Tuesday with players taking a A bus can take you 50 miles around the city.