The world is vast off It is all about achieving your goal. climate Sultan al-Jaber stated his goals in his first comment since being chosen by the United Arab Emirates for the position of ambassador. president for this year’s COP summit.

“We are way off track,” He spoke in Abu Dhabi. “The world is playing catchup when it comes to the key Paris goal of holding global temperatures down to 1.5C” above pre-industrial levels.

Al-Jaber’s appointment on There were many negative reactions to Thursday climate activists, given that he heads the OPEC member’s state oil and gas producer, Abu Dhabi National Oil Co. He’s also chairman of Masdar, one of the largest renewable-energy investors in the world.

While al-Jaber didn’t directly address the criticism, he said the UAE would approach the task of hosting COP28 — to be held in Dubai in November and December — with humility.

“We don’t claim to have all the answers,” He stated. “But we believe we have something valuable to contribute. I am here to listen and engage.”

His speech was at the Atlantic Council’s event. US climate John Kerry, the envoy to Britain and Grant Shapps, the UK energy secretary and business secretary were present.

UAE needs COP28 Focus on It is important to increase wind, solar and hydrogen production. Also, it should be about providing financing and compensation to poor countries for the development of such technologies. climate According to al-Jaber, industrialized nations are causing change.

“We want it to be a COP for all,” He stated. “We want it to be a COP that moves from goals to getting it done across mitigation, adaptation, finance and loss and damage.”

It pumps approximately 3.4 Million barrels of crude daily, which makes it the largest oil producer within the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), after Saudi Arabian and Iraq.

These nations argue that the fossil fuel producer countries should be given a larger say climate talks. The rise in gas and oil prices over the last two years has also been blamed by them on A lack of investment on These fuels are found in the west.

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