France’s government is open to more There are concessions to its plan for raising the tax retirement Olivier Veran (spokesman) said that age has been increased by two years. a After labor unions were threatened with bringing the country to its knees, a larger push for work-from home was made. “a halt.”

“We are in listening mode and the government changed its project various times already,” Veran claimed in interview Sunday France Inter, in partnership with France Televisions Le Monde

There is more to the discussion retirement age, “there’s the question of quality of life within the work place. This is fundamental. Our reform is a wider one and maybe this hasn’t been understood,” He said. 

President Emmanuel Macron’s government is redoubling its efforts to secure a In protest of the parliamentary majority, more citizens take to the streets a Reform to increase the retirement Age to 64, from 62. Protesters swelled On Saturday, it was estimated that there were approximately 1,000,000 people. more demonstrations planned for February 16th and March 7th

Veran could be shifting the focus by emphasizing the topic of working-from-home. a While the topic is less controversial, the National Assembly debates the controversial reform.

“People want to work from home more than ever since the Covid 19 pandemic,” Veran. “This is an excellent thing because as part of our climate transition plan, we will need, over time, 10 million French working from home twice a week. We aren’t there yet.”

Even though there are differences of opinions on this issue, retirement age, France’s government and labor unions are still working together to find ways to improve the quality of working life, Veran told France Inter on Sunday. 

“We will have to work with companies to make sure they allow this in a way that people don’t end up being isolated at home,” He said.

Saturday’s marches were peaceful and many families joined in, Veran acknowledged. He said however, that the marchers in smaller French cities demonstrated the urgency to address the issue of work flexibility. 

“I speak about distance from work premises, work from home organization and shorter work weeks precisely because it’s in smaller cities that people are further away from their work location,” Veran. “What I picked up from protesters yesterday, beyond the question of age, is the need to work differently and better.”

It’s also in those smaller cities and towns that so-called Yellow Vests protests 2018 was the year that it all began. It all began in 2018. a From grass-roots movements, there were national riots which hurt the economy and businesses. a thorn in Macron’s side.

Veran’s work-from-home appeal also may be targeted at winning wider support among French women, who are among the biggest critics of Macron’s flagship pension reform. Many women don’t like the thought of being able to work longer and retire with a pension. a Rents are lower

Veran said that the government would focus on making it more difficult as part of its concessions in order to get the pension reform passed. for Big companies are known to dismiss large numbers of their senior staff.

France has often been a country where the dynamics and breadth of protests on the streets have made or broken their democracy. for past presidents’ reform efforts. In 1995, Jacques Chirac’s government dropped a pension overhaul plan after crippling strikes. Student-led demonstrations continue a After changes had been approved by parliament, U-turn of labor laws 2006 

President Nicolas Sarkozy in 2010 pushed ahead with raising France’s retirement After months of chaos, Macron has risen to age 62 instead of 60. Macron now wants to lift it further, to 64, and has so far shown little sign he’ll back down.

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