Intentions on a political activist Thailand for Complementary satirical Books calendars Two years imprisonment for yellow ducks for insulting King Maha VajiralongkornA legal aid group said that.

Thailand’s lèse-majesté laws are among the world’s strictest and carry penalties of up to 15 years in prison for Each perceived insult is royal. Some hundreds of people have been jailed or arrested for violating the law. for It can last as much as 43 years.

The yellow rubber duck It is an emblem of the anti-government protest movements that launched an unprecedented effort to reform the government in 2020. monarchy Thailand has a constitutional monarchy. “enthroned in a position of revered worship.”

Lawyer for the activist requested that he not be identified. He was sentenced at three years imprisonment, but this was reduced by two because of his testimony. Thai Lawyers for Human Rights, which has represented dozens of people charged with lèse-majesté in the past two years.

After police searched his house and discovered yellow, he was taken into custody in December 2020. duck calendars He was selling online.

“He denies the charges because he did not produce the calendars and the contents of the calendar do not have characteristics that would violate article 112,” Yaowalak Aphan, Yaowalak Anuphan’s lawyer, stated to Reuters that Yaowalak Anuphan had released his client on bail, and that he plans to appeal.

Article 112 was, up until recent times, a taboo subject, off-limits for It is not a topic of debate in Thailand. However, youth activists began to talk about the issue on social media, and some even pressed politicians to include it as an election campaign issue.

Rights groups have accused authorities of not being careful enough with the law. However, successive governments claim that the law is essential to safeguard the palace. The law is rarely discussed by the royal family.