If you’re one of the Millions of Americans live with mental disorders. Your body may be one of them. be You are more senior than you realize.

New research—presented this weekend at the European Congress of Psychiatry in Paris—shows that those with longstanding mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and Are you suffering from bipolar disorder? biologically They are older than their chronological age.

Researchers Dr. Julian Mutz and Cathryn Lewis both with the King’s College London, looked at the blood metabolites—small molecules produced during the Process of metabolism, such as lipids and cholesterol and amino acids—from more than 110,000 U.K. residents. The researchers found that people with mental illnesses had higher levels of a “metabolite profile” This indicated that they had been older than they really were.

“For example, people with bipolar disorder had blood markers indicating that they were around two years older than their chronological age,” Mutz says in a release ahead of the presentation.

Mutz’s earlier research supports the findings. and Other studies have shown that individuals with mental illness tend to live longer lives. and Diabetes is a more common health issue. and Herz disease. A 2002 study by Mutz It was found that people with anxiety, depression, and Bipolar disorder was more common. be A condition that is medically fragile. This means there’s a greater chance of dying.

Persons with grave mental illness may Due to this, you could die up to two decades earlier than normal. “preventable physical conditions,” according to the World Health Organization.

Research highlights the Opportunities for doctors to track the Metabolite profiles for patients suffering from mental disorders and To use changes These profiles can be used to measure the Mutz claims that interventions in health can have a high level of effectiveness.

What to do? slow Bio aging

There are steps that patients can take. slow Their biological aging, Mutz tells The Sunday Review. Things that make it easier to get biologically active aging People with mental illnesses include:

  • Inactivity
  • Smoking
  • Autonomic nervous systems overreacts
  • Chronic, low-grade inflammation
  • Loneliness/social isolation

“These factors are known to have a negative impact on health, and addressing these risk factors would be beneficial,” He says. These are some actions that people with mental disorders may take. slow Their biological aging include:

  • Increase your physical activity and/or strength. and Resistance training
  • Stop smoking, if possible
  • Formation and Maintaining positive relationships

This lifestyle changes They are also likely to lower mental health symptoms. However, they will not be able to reduce mental health symptoms. “be difficult to achieve for people who are severely unwell,” He adds. “Treating their mental health symptoms—whether through psychological, pharmacological or other treatments—should always be considered alongside with their physician.”