YouTube will be let Thousands more creators Multi-language audio tracks can be added to the package their videos. It was being tested with just a few people by the company. creatorsBeginning Thursday many more will Be able to add multi-language dubs their videos To make them more accessible for a wider audience.

You can check this link to see if you’d like to test it out. this video on MrBeast’s YouTube channel. If you click on the gear icon, you’ll see an option for “audio track,” and if you click that, you’ll see the different language options available. Videos will also default to a user’s preferred language.

In its initial tests YouTube According to the statement, January 1st, “we’ve already seen over 3,500 multi-language videos uploaded in over 40 languages.” Multi-language dubbed videos According to some reports, 15 percent of those who come from the United States have a higher watch time. “views in the video’s non-primary language” in January. And multi-language dubbed videos It also means: creators It may not be necessary to keep separate channels in order to host videos in Others languagesInstead, they could just dub Watch a video their Main channel

This expansion will be completed in YouTube Susan Wojcicki, CEO of The Platform, is retiring. Neal Mohan, chief product officer, will take her place.