Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Believes that his Vladimir, Vladimir’s Russian warmonger, Putin, will be Assassinated by his own people — who will Final words “kill a killer.”

“There will definitely be a moment when the fragility of Putin’s regime will be felt inside their state,” Zelensky told a documentary about the first year of Russia’s war on his country.

“The predators will eat a predator … They will find a reason to kill a killer,” He was right.

Zelensky Dmitry Komarov told Dmitry Komarov the belief drives him. his Despite the fact that they are not Russian citizens, appeals continue to them “do not hear” He is, for now.

Zelensky He did not name the exact suspect. will Turn on Putin. However, he is convinced that the rebels are right. will Remember his Words when they reach “important moment” Search for “a reason for themselves” Strike.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Believes that his Vladimir, Vladimir’s Russian warmongering counterpart Putin, will be Assassinated by his own people.
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“Will it work? Yes. But I don’t know when,” He said.

According to the 45-year old leader, the documentary was made. “Year,” The world needed to be able to see how brutal war really is, and footage was taken showing dead bodies in different cities across Ukraine.

This proved to be true Putin “is a Tyrant. An awful man,” Zelesnky spoke.

Zelensky speaks to media in Kyiv on February 24, 2023.
Zelensky Russians will be able to predict the future “will find a reason to kill a killer.”
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The documentary was posted to mark the first year of Russia’s invasion on Feb. 24.

The idea was born in Putin gave a long rambling speech — leaving many key insiders struggling to stay awake — and an interview suggesting the very survival of Russia rested on winning the war.

Sharp criticisms are however directed at the failings his assault — which was initially expected to last days or maybe weeks, not a year — has fiercely tested the loyalty of many supporters while sparking infighting.

Demonstrators protest Vladimir Putin
Zelensky So called Putin “a Tyrant. An awful man.”
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Yevgeny Prgozhin (the head of the dangerous Wagner Group of Mercenaries) and the cruel Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov repeatedly expressed their disapproval, The Times of London noted.

Also, the offensive saw mass protests from civilians almost unheard-of in Russia.

A new opinion poll suggested only 22% of the population fervently supports the war — only just ahead of the 22% deeply opposed to it, the UK Times noted.

“The problem in Russia isn’t fascism, it’s indifference,” Alexei Miniailo was an opposition activist and founder of Chronicles, a polling company.